Audrey Jessup Short List

On Thursday, April 18, CCW announced the five shortlisted stories.
In alphabetical order (so no indication of final position), with an initial “A”, “An” or “The” not counting, these are the five stories on the shortlist.
·        Amends   by   Jeff Ross
·        Bus 66 to Nowhere   by   Jennifer Jorgensen
·        An Improbable Meeting   by   Cynthia Syme
·        The Outsider   by   Wynn Quon
·        Trifecta   by   R.L. Brennan
Congratulations to those shortlisted.
The final rankings and the prizes will be presented on June 12 at the Clocktower Brew Pub (and restaurant) on Richmond Road (in the Westboro district of Ottawa). The evening will commence at 6:00 for those wishing to buy dinner. The awards ceremony will follow. Each person on our shortlist is given an opportunity to read part of his or her submission. Later, generally everyone who wishes to do so is given the chance to read from their own work.
Best of luck to those shortlisted.