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Forensic Identification – Crime Scene Analysis

Topic: Forensic Identification – Crime Scene Analysis
Date: Wednesday, October 12
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: Colonel By Room, second floor, Ottawa City Hall

Kelly Menna of the Ottawa Police Service will be discussing the role of the Forensic Section of the police service in investigations.

Kelly joined the Ottawa Police Service in 2008 and was assigned to general patrol/911 response in the West End. In 2011, Kelly received training as a Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO), authorized to forensically process scenes, such as break and enters, mischief to properties, assaults etc on top of general calls for service.

In January 2016, Kelly transferred to the Forensic Identification Section (FIS) and so returned to the Ontario Police College for approximately three months for further training, graduating at the top of the class for fingerprint submissions and second overall.

The Forensic Identification Section (FIS) provides 24/7 service for Ottawa. It is responsible for crime scene documentation, including the identification, collection, preservation, examination and continuity of crime scene exhibits.

A Forensic Identification Officer has a demanding and complex set of duties that is supported through diverse education and training as well as practical experience. They attend crime scenes ranging from break and enters to deaths and near death (including suicides and attempted suicides, homicides, fatal and near fatal motor vehicle accidents). Popular television shows like “CSI” have brought attention to the science of forensic analysis and although these shows are very entertaining, crimes are not always solved that quickly.