March CCW Meeting

When: 7:00 pm, Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Where: Honeywell Room, second floor, Ottawa City Hall.
Speaker: Staff Sergeant Stephanie Burns of the Organized Fraud Section of the Ottawa Police Service.
Fraud is all around. The Ottawa Police Organized Fraud Section focuses on investigating fraud matters and trends that can be linked, tracked and documented such as:
  • Fraud Against Seniors
  • Counterfeit Fraud (currency and other documents)
  • Credit Cards and Debit Card Fraud,
  • Cheque Fraud
  • Social Assistance (welfare) Fraud
  • Computer Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Corporate Fraud
Some common scams include: email scams, advance fee scams, cheque overpayment scams, charitable organization scams, lottery scams, computer virus scams (haven’t we all heard “This is Windows Technical Department and we are receiving bad signals from your computer,” romance scams, loans/scholarship scams, tax and Revenue Canada scams (It seems the frausters don’t know it has long been called Canada Revenue Agency), seniors being targeted, blessing scams, and door to door scams.
Staff Sergeant Burns has been a police officer for 25 years. She is a full-time officer, a part-time photographer and a lover of horses at all times. When there is a jewelry box, other people may see a beautiful item, she will see a great surface for fingerprints. Staff Sergeant Burns is on Twitter and often tweets advice such as: banks don’t communicate security concerns via text message. She will talk to CCW about fraud and provide advice on how to avoid it.