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The Aldrich Ames Mole Hunt: Our Next

Our May 22, 2013 Speakers Series at the
Shenkman Arts Centre promises to be one of the
Most interesting and fascinating sessions that we
Have brought to you in this series. Brutal betrayal
By an intelligence ‘insider’ has always been one of
The most feared events of any intelligence
Organization. Former CIA officer Aldrich ‘Rick’
Ames became one of the most damaging moles in
U.S. Intelligence history.

We are very pleased to announce that Sandy
Grimes will be our May 2013 presenter at our next
Pillar Society Speakers Series. This presentation
Has never been presented in Canada before and
Only on a few occasions in the United States.

In a brutally frank account of CIA traitor Aldrich
Ames’s career Sandra Grimes and the late Jeanne
Vertefeuille, in their recent book, pull back the
Curtain on the hunt for an American who spent nine
Years working for the KGB without being
Discovered. Sandra Grimes is a 26 year veteran of
The CIA’s National Clandestine Service. The retired
CIA officers recently published, Circle of Treason:
A CIA Account of Traitor Aldrich Ames And The
Men He Betrayed. Their book is compelling.

Join us for this fascinating insider account, which
Not only deals with the tenacious, painstaking
Pursuit of the CIA’s most damaging spy, but also
Reveals the extraordinary efforts the CIA took to
Ensure the safety of its sources fighting the
Oppressive Soviet regime. This presentation is
Essential for intelligence professionals and for
Anyone interested in the day-to-day reality behind
Cold War espionage