May 9th meeting: Writing Between The Laundry and The Luggage

Writing a novel requires stamina, determination, and a never-quit attitude. That’s at the best of times.

So how can you start, keep at and finish a writing project when your “real life” is filled with work, childcare, laundry, and a million other distractions? Join author C.B. Forrest as he opens the door into his crazy life filled with 60+ hour work weeks, a travel schedule that makes the George Clooney character in ‘Up In The Air’ look like an amateur, all while making time for family AND creative writing. The meeting will include personal lessons learned along with real strategies and tips to help carve time for this pursuit we all love so dearly.  BIO: C. B. Forrest’s first literary crime novel, The Weight of Stones, was shortlisted for Best First Novel in the Arthur Ellis Awards. His second novel, Slow Recoil, was shortlisted for Best Novel in the Arthur Ellis Awards. His third novel, The Devil’s Dust, will be released by Dundurn Publishers in June 2012.