Learn about Canada’s border security

The February meeting wiil take place at 7:00 on Wednesday, February 12 in the Honeywell Room at City Hall. The speaker will be Peter Rickard of  the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Peter is currently the manager of Compliance for the Advance Passenger Information Program at CBSA. He is responsible for monitoring and analyzing passenger data to determine compliance with Canadian law for arriving international commercial aircraft. His current interests encompass aviation security, regulatory compliance, and fraud investigation.

The CBSA provides border services that support national security and public safety while enabling the free flow of legitimate persons and goods. Headquartered in Ottawa, CBSA monitors, investigates, detains and removes people or goods in violation of the laws. Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, measures have become increasingly important to protect the safety of Canadians. Using advance information and international partnerships, CBSA identifies and intercepts threats before they arrive at Canada’s borders.

Peter’s talk will include the history and purpose of CBSA, aviation and trade security. he will discuss the challenges faced by the agency, including terrorism smuggling, human trafficking and money laundering.